Is Charles Lollar Running Against General Assembly Republicans?

Recently, Republican candidate for governor Charles Lollar gave an interview to the Washington Post in which he touted his idea to eliminate Maryland’s income tax. Mr. Lollar, however, has not issued a detailed plan explaining how he would offset the revenue generated by the state’s income tax, which represents over half of all the general fund revenue taken by the state.  Mr. Lollar simply states that he “is confident that the loss in revenue can be offset by the economic impact of recruiting more businesses to the state.
We at Red Maryland noted months ago that Mr. Lollar has staked out the most agressive anti-tax ground of any candidate for governor but had no detailed ideas on how or where to reduce state spending.  Mr. Lollar’s desire to eliminate the state’s income tax in its entirety, without any detailed plan, seems to highlight the criticism of the Lollar campaign’s lack of gravitas. While soudning good to the ears of anti-tax conservatives, Mr. Lollar’s inability to answer the obvious questions about how such a plan would work reminds one of the expression “all sizzle and no steak.”

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