I know many here will not appreciate this posting, but I am very discouraged that we no longer even pretend to have a two-party political system in Prince George’s County.

It is the day before the filing deadline for the June primary election.

There are well over 40–almost 50–legislative and county elected positions to be filled in Prince George’s County.

Four Republicans have filed.  One for senate in district 22, one for delegate in district 25, one for delegate in district 27B, and one for county council in district 6.  No Republican has filed for any of the county-wide positions such as county executive, states attorney, sheriff, or clerk of the circuit court.

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There are Republican candidates for fewer than ten percent of the available positions.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to the three Republicans who had then filed asking for contact and campaign information that I could post at PG-Politics.  Two never answered.  The third replied that he would provide information “to the public in due course.”

Additionally, there are candidates for the Republican Central Committee in only four of the county’s eight legislative districts.

Am I wrong to conclude that rather than being the Grand Old Party, our Republicans would more accurately be called the Gave Up Party?

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