GOP or GUP Update

Since I posted GOP or GUP? on Monday, eight additional Republican candidates have filed to run in Prince George’s County races.  In addition, four independent candidates have filed, three for offices for which there are no Republican candidates.  As a result, about a quarter of the races have a Republican or independent candidate, and about three quarters of the races have already been conceded to the Democrats. 

That there are two independents but no Republicans running for county executive.  Where I vote, there is no Republican running for county council, no Republican running for state senate, and one lone Republican running for one of the three delegate seats.  Bur that’s better than 2010 when there were no Republicans running for any of those offices.

I have now posted at PG-Politics a page with a listing of the Republican and independent candidates: 2014 GOP & Independent Candidates (  It is arranged by office, and includes some  contact information–currently limited to what the candidates supplied when filing.  I will update it with whatever additional contact or campaign links the candidates or their supporters send me at  I will also add candidates for the county Republican central committee when I have more time.  And I am willing to post or forward to my mailing lists any campaign-related announcements sent to me in a format that does not require extensive editing.

Summary list of Prince George’s Republican and independent candidates:

  • Shukoor Ahmed, Delegate District 23A, Independent
  • Kenneth Blanchard, Council District 6, Republican
  • Robin Breedon, Delegate, District 23B, Independent
  • Joe Crawford, Delegate, District 27A, Republican
  • Roussan Etienne, Jr., County Executive, Independent
  • Janice Denise Fountaine, Senate District 22, Republican
  • Mike Hethmon, Delegate District 23B, Republican
  • Kelly Howells, Delegate, District 26, Republican
  • Toni Jarboe-Duley, Delegate, District 27B, Republican
  • Fiona Moodie, Council District 4, Republican
  • Cy Okoro, Delegate District 24, Republican
  • Philip A. Parent, Delegate District 27B, Republican
  • Jesse Allen Peed, Senate, District 27, Republican
  • Gregory Prakas, Sheriff, Republican
  • Thomas J. Slezak, Delegate District 22, Republican
  • Timothy Dwelyan Wilson, County Executive, Independent

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