Achiving the dream, Baltimore City edition

For my inaugural post I considered a long screed on the state of Baltimore City’s Republican Party. But I’m going to table that for now in favor of doing what I do best: Pointing out the inane and the absurd.

Back in October, Jeff Quinton correctly pointed out that Gubernatorial candidate (and five thousand dollar man) Charles Lollar can’t even keep an up to date website online. Well, if you head to Baltimore City this website fail would be a goal for some candidates.

Enter Will Hanna, Park Heights community activist and 41st District candidate for the State Senate. Hanna has allegedly been involved in some questionable practices as noted in this Youtube video. However, if you search online for him you’ll find a series of other Youtube videos and articles on his work in Park Heights. You may alternatively be directed to his campaign website, which has his background and campaign promises.

At least it did until recently:

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As you can see, the website is a tragic disappointment, lacking a banner, graphics or even a link for donations. If you manage to find the pages that contain information – the blog and events – it appears that the last updates were in March and May of 2013 respectively.

As Republicans in an overwhelmingly Democratic city the internet is one of the few places the gap can be narrowed. If Mr. Hanna stands as a larger example of what Baltimore’s Democrats have to offer online there’s no reason the party can’t make waves in 2014 and beyond.

In the future I’ll share some thoughts on what I think Republicans can do to be successful in Baltimore but for now, enjoy the fail listed above.

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