William Campbell for Comptroller

The position of Comptroller of Maryland is not one that is readily understood by a lot of Marylanders. The position goes so far beyond just keeping an eye on the money; it involves tax collection and most important a seat on the state Board of Public Works. The position is that of the Chief Financial Officer of the state. Often times the Maryland Republican Party puts up candidates for Comptroller that are fiscally responsible but do not necessarily bring a specific skill set to the job.

As it was in 2010, this is not one of those years.

In 2010 Red Maryland endorsed William Campbell for Comptroller. We wrote that Campbell may be the most qualified individual to run for Comptroller in the history of Maryland. 

For these reasons, Red Maryland again endorses William Campbell for Comptroller.

Instead of being a politician like incumbent Comptroller Peter Franchot or his predecessors, William Campbell is actually a guy who has two decades of experience as a CFO, often times being responsible for budgets larger than or state budget. Campbell has been an Assistant Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Chief Financial Officer for the Coast Guard, Chief Financial Officer for Amtrak, and a financial consultant that helps companies turn their fortunes around. His entire career has been predicated on the concept of coming into organizations and bureaucracies that are in fiscal trouble and fixing the problems that ail them.

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Campbell’s qualifications run circles around those of incumbent Comptroller Peter Franchot. Franchot of course spent twenty years as the most liberal Democrat in the Maryland House of Delegates before his stunning and lucky upset of William Donald Schaefer in the 2006 Democratic Primary. Since his election he has had quixotic history, finding religion to a certain extent on some tax and spending issues, while at the same time trying to maintain his liberal bonafides. While Franchot has been more balanced on fiscal issues during his time as Comptroller than we could have anticipated, he still represents the tax-and-spend philosophy that has run roughshod over Annapolis.

The different between Campbell’s 2010 and 2014 campaigns has everything to do with timing. He was a late entry into to the 2010 race, and faced a three-way primary with Brendan Madigan and Armand Girard, a primary which he did win comfortably. And despite his lack of fundraising and name identification, Campbell did get 38.8% of the vote against Franchot in the 2010 General Election. Campbell did not wait this time around, and has been campaigning around the state for the better part of the last three years as he has tried to raise money and fund his campaign organization.

Please do what you can to elect William Campbell as our next Comptroller. Be sure to cast your vote for him on June 24th, and visit his website at http://www.whcampbell2014.com to find out how you can help.

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