Red Maryland Radio 1-23-14

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Another exciting installment of Red Maryland Radio 

– A preview of this week’s Red Maryland Op-Ed in the papery blog known as the Baltimore Sun detailing the wide open race to succeed Martin O’Malley as Maryland Governor

– A discussion of taxes.  Governor O’Malley says no taxes this session while a Baltimore democrat acknowledges that the tax increases over the past 7 years have been regressive and hurt poor and working class Marylanders the most.  Not to be deterred though, noted liberal lobbyist Vinny DeMarco is pushing for yet another massive, regressive tax increase.

– An examination of the GOP leadership in the State Senate.  After almost unanimously supporting Mike Miller as President of the Senate, 8 GOP Senators, including the leadership, support a bail out of the disastrous O’Malley/Brown healthcare roll out.

– A status report on other Maryland statewide races.  Outside of Governor, Maryland Republicans don’t have a lot to make them excited and plenty to give them worry.  We will have a wake-up call.

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