Media Matters Discovers Red Maryland

They say when you’re taking flak you must be over the target.
Well, last week the shrieking harpies at Media Matters for America, the Soros funded smear machine took issue with the fact that The Baltimore Sun dared to partner with Red Maryland, and allowed us space on the oped page and on
In a factually and logically challenged post entitled Why did the Baltimore Sun Hire Conservative Blog Red Maryland? Media Matters drone Salvatore Colleluori demands that the Baltimore Sun release its own explanation as to why it hired Red Maryland, and “how it plans to deal with potential issues with writer’s conduct and conflicts of interest.”
Colleluori writes:

Since Red Maryland writers began writing for the Sun, they’ve speculatedthat a consulting firm is running several major projects in the state, calling Maryland’s government an “oligarchy,” that Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD) and his administration are misleadingthe public when they say the state budget is balanced, and demonizeda proposal to legalize marijuana in the state as a push for “full legalization of all drugs.” Every piece had virtually no evidence to back its claims. 

I did not “speculate” that a consulting firm is running several projects in the state.  My column The Banana Republic of Maryland, used publicly available information including lobbying reports, and campaign finance data to show how said politically connected consulting firm used its connections to their comrades in government to assist their corporate clients with business before state and local governments. 
In the Governor’s Creative Bookkeeping, I used budget and financial data from the Department of Legislative Services to make my case. 
My colleague Greg Kline used several pieces of data in his argument The Folly of Marijuana Legalization. 
What data did young master Colleluori use in his piece?
All of our opeds are fact-checked, but state researcher Colleluori knew that, right?
Digging deep into the Red Maryland archives Colleluori takes issue with my opinion of global warming calling it a “clear falsehood,” and took issue with a 2009 piece I wrote that dared to point out the fact that folk singer Pete Seeger was a dedicated Stalinist.  Of course, Colleluori fails to note that in the same piece I noted Seeger finally came around to realizing the horrors of Stalin—50 years too late.  But hey this is Media Matters, and well those pesky facts just get in the way.
He points out two other objectionable (to him) Red Maryland pieces by June Smith, and Andrew Langer, demanding the Sun provide an explanation.  June is a contributor, but she will not be providing content for the Sun, and Andrew Langer is no longer associated with us, as I explained on The Broadside podcast last week.  
Shouldn’t a crack Media Matters researcher know that?
As far as Brian Griffiths position on the Maryland Republican Party Executive Committee and what Colleluori says is his “vested interest in election outcomes?” goes: so what?  The Sun knew that going in, and doesn’t everyone who votes have a vested interest in election outcomes? 
Furthermore, Brian disclosed, in his latest oped The Way to O’Malley’s Heart, based on research from Change Maryland that Red Maryland endorsed the groups chairman Larry Hogan for Governor.
Set aside Colleluori’s fact-less fact checking, these are opinion pieces, which is exactly what we were brought on board to provide.  If Colleluori and Media Matters have a problem with what we write, submit a letter to the editor, or better yet email us (our email addresses accompany all our opeds) and make an argument as to why you think we are wrong. 
I won’t hold my breath waiting.
Of course, Media Matters isn’t about creating more space for discourse or a healthy marketplace of ideas.  Their mission is to cleanse the marketplace of conservative voices and ideas.

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