Darren Wigfield for Delegate, District 3B

We’ve often talked about the need in Maryland to back candidates whose focus in on smaller government and lower taxes. We have often talked about the importance of recruiting younger candidates who are connected to the issues and the districts that they represent.

Darren Wigfield, who is running for the House of Delegates, is one such candidate.

Darren Wigfield is a lifelong resident of Frederick County whose family has been living in the area since before the Revolutionary War. An Eagle Scout, he began his career working in Frederick County at Frederick Community College in Information Technology. He went on from there to work in Information Assurance and Cybersecuirty for a number of agencies that work in Defense and National Security.

But that is only part of what Darren Wigfield has done.

Darren has become a passionate advocate in Frederick County, particularly on gun rights issues. A local coordinator for the Campaign for Liberty, he organized a number of town hall-style meetings about issues important to Marylanders and particularly to conservatives, such life the Bill of Rights, education policy, and Second Amendment Issues. As a Board Member of the Republican Club of Frederick County and a member of the Frederick County Republican Central Committee, Darren has been instrumental in helping to implement strategic plans to grow the Republican Party at the grassroots level and to get candidates elected to office. 

Darren has been interviewed twice on the Red Maryland Network, on Red Maryland Election Focus in September and J. Doug at Night in November, and in both instances you can get a grasp of the knowledge and dedication that he brings to the task at hand and to the cause of conservatism in Maryland.

Darren publicly made a resolution for 2014 that says it all:

“I, Darren Wigfield, will support the Maryland Constitution and the Declaration of Rights. I will defend the rights of Marylanders, and work to roll back Maryland’s overgrown government.”

All from a guy who has been out knocking on doors, meeting his neighbors, and talking about the issues for months. What more could we ask for.

For all of these reasons, we believe that Darren is well suited to take the fight to the Democrats in Annapolis. Red Maryland proudly endorses Darren Wigfield for Delegate in District 3B. We encourage you to do what you can to help Darren at his website, darrenfordelegate.com.

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