BREAKING: Richard Douglas to pass on AG Race

Attorney and 2012 US Senate Candidate Richard Douglas has decided to pass on the Republican Race for Attorney General. 

Through a spokesman Douglas has released the following statement…

Richard J. Douglas advised supporters that he will not enter the race for Maryland Attorney General in 2014. He will instead continue his Maryland law practice and consider ways to effectively improve Maryland state government’s performance on public corruption, official integrity, and return on taxpayer investment. Mr. Douglas thanked Marylanders of both parties for their encouragement and support. Douglas said: 

“Exploring a race for the privilege of serving as Maryland Attorney General left me with the clear conviction that, under current circumstances, I would be obliged to put campaign responsibilities ahead of responsibilities to my new family. I am unwilling to do that. 

“I considered a race seriously because of our sitting Attorney General’s habitual failure to perform bedrock duties of his office:
• To expose and eliminate corruption at all levels of Maryland government.
• To hold all Maryland officials accountable (himself included) without favoritism.
• To inform Marylanders fully and impartially about the implications of legislation, taxation, regulation, and judicial action for Maryland job growth and manufacturing.
• To reduce barriers to individual, educational, and commercial success.
• To shield young workers from high health insurance costs and prevent “physician flight”.
• To help single mothers collect child support and protect their children from crime.
• To make Maryland government friendlier to the families of deployed military personnel.
• To fight mistreatment of aliens by Maryland authorities.
• To improve conditions in Maryland jails for inmates and corrections officers.
• To resist federal usurpation of Maryland state authorities.
• To return common sense, integrity, and transparency to Maryland government.
• To make Maryland a better place for all.

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“My conscience will not allow me to enter the Attorney General’s race. In the future, circumstances may permit me to re-enter competitive Maryland politics. Maryland is worth it.  

When the time comes, I will reassess the potential for making a positive difference.”

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