Nobody Will Miss You When You’re Gone

Did you remember that existed? Neither did anybody else, but apparently the website that wanted to “be the first website to get elected representatives and their constituents to engage in a continuous open forum” has gone Tango Uniform.

The problem with the site was the fact that it was filling a niche that was not at all asking to be filled. The sites “features” according to them were:

-Vote on bills to advise your representatives
-View and discuss your representatives’ floor speeches and campaign finance info
-Ask your representatives questions
-Write open letters and circulate petitions
-Build your network

Except the internet wasn’t invented last year, and these voids have been filled by various organizations on both sides of the political aisle. Campaign finance info is readily available from both government and non-government sources. People have been writing letters since the beginning of time, and both Facebook and Twitter had already become the dominant networking sites for politics

So why did exist? Who really knows, other than the fact that some college kids were able to convince somebody to give them funding for it.

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Ominously (or not), the founders close up with this:

While this is the end of, it is not the end of our vision for a political social network to reinvigorate American democracy by giving average voters influence.

I would encourage them next time to come back with an idea that is actually unique and useful first…

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