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Moore is still Less

On Tuesday the Cecil Daily reported that Cecil County County Executive Tari Moore has returned to the Republican fold, in a story that will certainly not help with Moore’s credibility:

County Executive Tari Moore is once again a Republican after returning to the party fold last month.

She confirmed Friday that she switched her registration back to Republican online Nov. 11, nearly one year after becoming “unaffiliated.”

Moore, who has been a lifelong Republican, switched to unaffiliated last year in between her election and being sworn in as county executive.

Moore of course changed her party affiliation from Republican to unaffiliated shortly before her swearing in as County Executive solely to circumvent the ability of the duly elected Cecil County Council to appoint her replacement to the council. This of course after winning a seven-way primary in April 2012, and thenreceiving Maryland Republican Party assistance in the General Election.

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