Food for Thought

On Friday, I shared some thoughts on the current debate surrounding marijuana legalization in Maryland.  Without surprise, many pot advocates and enthusiasts were none too happy to read my questioning of their dogma. Many repeated the arguments rebutted in the piece and angrily dismissed any wisdom in the current prohibitions on pot use.  Many readers, including physicians and elected officials, also wrote me to thank me for making common sense arguments against the drug legalization movement.
A few of the critics of my piece insisted that marijuana was an inert, organic plant. This view was embodied in one particular pearl of wisdom from the comments section “God made marijuana. Man made alcohol.” 
So, let me provide some more information on the harms of marijuana.  I know the pot fans who sent me clips of Willie Nelson concerts will not be persuaded but for those with a more open, and fully functioning, mind please consider the following.

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