Change Maryland Releases Energy Report Card

While there has been a focus on founder Larry Hogan’s potential campaign for Governor (which as you know we have endorsed), Change Maryland is continuing to produce important information about taxes, fees, and the cost of doing business here in the state of Maryland.

Yesterday the group released a report card regarding energy costs in Maryland. Governor O’Malley promised to lower energy rates for BGE customers, and he has completely failed in that regard.

“Yet another rate increase for working Maryland families is unacceptable,” said Hogan in a statement released by Change Maryland. “The responsibility for which falls directly in the lap of Governor O’Malley, who was elected governor on a promise to all Marylanders to keep electricity and heat affordable during his tenure.

“O’Malley certainly deserves an F. It’s seven years later; the rate hikes happened, and we’re still waiting for that detailed plan. Just as he campaigned against fees and taxes and then dramatically increased them, O’Malley ran on lower energy prices but then pushed an agenda which forced them to increase year over year.”

In putting together their report the group documented:

  • The rapid increase in residential electricity rates;
  • O’Malley’s EmPower Maryland scheme that allowed utilities to charge customers for power they didn’t use during outages;
  • O’Malley’s handpicked Public Service Commissioners who dropped the ball on utility reliability standards;
  • O’Malley’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS), which hasn’t increased renewable energy generation, in fact it has decreased;
  • O’Malley’s RPS and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative programs, that allow Wall Street firms and banks to speculate in Marylanders’ utility bills.

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