A Word from the Vichy Wing…

Sunday in an op-ed in the Frederick News-Post, former delegate and county commissioner Charles Jenkins (no relation to Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins) waxed poetic at great length about how his former colleague Jan Gardner was a shoo-in to be the first Frederick County Executive next year. 
I guess they can cancel the election, for a former delegate hath spoken…

Clearly, Mr. Jenkins is still smarting about his 2010 Primary election defeat to current Del. Michael Hough in the Republican Primary. For Jenkins was only appointed to the House of Delegates when Vichy Republican Rick Weldon resigned his post.  Jenkins was hand-selected by Governor O’Malley when the Frederick and Washington County Republican Central Committees could not agree on a nominee. Jenkins then went on to be a key O’Malley ally on taxes, accused Hough of lying during their primary campaign, was both for and against clamping down on human trafficking, then threw a temper tantrum and endorsed the Democrat against Hough in the 2010 general election.
Needless to say, Red Maryland was happy to endorse now-Delegate Hough in this primary.
One of the ironies, though, of Jenkins trying to orchestrate Gardner’s coronation, however, is this nugget from 2007 when Gardner accused Jenkins of violating his oath of office because she disagreed with an immigration proposal he brought before the County Commission.
While it is humorous that Charles Jenkins thinks that he is politically relevant, it’s important to remember that this is a guy who went to Annapolis and serve as a willing accomplice to Martin O’Malley’s agenda. The 2010 primary election showed how far Charles Jenkins is to the left of mainstream Frederick County voters.
If I were Commissioner Jan Gardner, I’d be pretty concerned about my political viability if a has-been like Charles Jenkins is leading my parade…

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