RNC Apologizes to Maryland State GOP for Priebus Letter

In a follow-up to the posts from Greg and I on Wednesday regarding the Reince Priebus letter to the editor in the Baltimore Sun, the RNC has apologized to State Party Chairman Diana Waterman for the gaffe:

>——– Original Message ——– 

Subject: Reince Op-ed

From: Ryan Mahoney – Communications/Research

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To: Diana Waterman 

Hey Diana – I wanted to apologize for not giving you a heads up on the Reince LTE in the Sun.  We place things like this on a daily basis all across the country and since I obviously worked closely with the Sun when I was at MDGOP, I just reached out to them out of habit without checking with you.

Hope we didn’t blindside you with it too badly and I’ll make sure to run these things past you in the future.


Ryan Mahoney
Deputy Press Secretary
Republican National Committee

Ryan Mahoney was a former communications director of the Maryland Republcian Party prior to taking a job at the RNC after the election of Priebus as RNC Chairman. He’s good people and I’m glad that he has taken responsibility and understands where we, as Maryland Republicans, come down on this.

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