Red Maryland-Baltimore Sun Partnership FAQ

Just when you thought you had seen everything…….Red Maryland and the Baltimore Sun are teaming up to bring even more extensive coverage

Starting today, you will see a lot of our Red Maryland coverage on the Sun site, at

We have been doing Red Maryland for almost six-and-a-half years. We’ve been doing blogging and podcasting even longer than that. We thank you, our readers, for trusting Red Maryland as Maryland’s premier conservative source. We plan on maintaining that tradition.

What does this mean to you. Well, in anticipation of your feedback, here are some preemptive frequently asked questions:

How Did This Happen?

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Over the summer we were approached by the folks at the Baltimore Sun, who wanted to have quality, conservative content on their site and didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Instead of hiring new bloggers and trying to create something out of nothing, they came to us as Maryland’s premier conservative source.

Why Did this happen?We are a little less than one year out from an election that is critically important to the economic survival of our state and wanted to ensure that our reporting and commentary received the widest dissemination possible. We have long talked about the need to take the message of conservatism out into the public and make sure it is spread far and spread wide. This does that.

Where Will Your Content Be?
Both on our  and here at Red Maryland. There will be exclusive pieces on both sites.

Will You Still Be Operating the Red Maryland Network?
Yes, and we will continue to be looking for new shows and new opportunities there as well.
Are You Being Paid to Write for the Sun?

Why Did You Sell Out?
We have never sold out. And we never will.

Now that you write for the Sun are your opinions going to be more sympathetic to Democrats?
Hell no! We wouldn’t have entered into this arrangement without the understanding of full editorial control over our content. We will continue to demand excellence of all of our candidates and politicians, whether they be Democratic or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, or animal or vegetable, as we do now.

Are you concerned that conservatives will no longer be happy with you now that you are working with the liberal media?
That assumes that they were happy with us before. The fact of the matter is that nothing is going to change about us, about who we are, and about what we do no matter what outlet we are on.

Does it make you laugh that you will now be part of the same opinion team as Dan Rodricks
Yes. It probably makes him cry though. We will send Dan a box of Kleenex.

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