On Idiot Hack Websites

Some of you may have seen the hack website MD Watch, which last week leveled personal attacks on our network colleague Jackie Wellfonder.  Now they are back at it, this time leveling false allegations against Red Maryland.
In a post titled—try not to laugh—Who Usurped Michael Smigiel from the State Senate Seat in District 36, the anonymous writer alleges that State Senator, Steve Hershey paid Red Maryland and Jackie Wellfonder to “disrupt, usurp, and cause planned chaos.”

Steve Hershey, who has a less than glowing record in terms of conservative policy, was just appointed to EJ Pipkins recently vacated seat, in District 36. The process of the appointment left many scratching their heads when conservative favorite Michael Smigiel was ousted in the process. 

Smigiel, who has been an outstanding defender of personal liberties and the Second Amendment, was denied the appointment through a clumsy and cumbersome process by the central committees in the district that found themselves in a dead heat between the two delegates. Two names were sent to the governor: Hershey and Smigiel. Of course Martin O’Malley picked Hershey and everyone knew he would, as Smigiel has taken up the liberty cause in Maryland and has opposed O’Malley’s liberal policies at every turn.It’s hard to imagine why a liberal republican would of been appointed to this seat, given the stance of the two representatives couldn’t be more stark. Hershey an establishment Republican verses the guy that started the Maryland Republican Tea Party caucus. Who could of stirred such a disarray in the MDGOP? 

While people have blamed Diana Waterman and various others at the helm of the GOP, we have learned that RED Maryland and Jackie Wellfonder WERE PAID by Hershey to disrupt, usurp, and cause planned chaos. 

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This is not to give them much credit, because well, look at her and her co-horsts that obviously are sporting an extra chromozone, but to expose them for the slimy GOP establishment operatives they are. We are looking into if they are actually getting funding from the democrats as well, as all indicators point there. 

Once the election contribution reports come out, it will be made very clear.Oh what a dog won’t do for a doughnut.

Obvious spelling “co-horsts,” “chromozone,” and grammatical errors “would of,” aside, the writer is apparently unaware that you can’t “usurp” someone from a seat they never held.  Smigiel was one of many seeking appointment to the empty Senate seat vacated by E.J. Pipkin.  
Furthermore, no proof whatsoever is offered showing Hershey paid Red Maryland. 
If in fact Hershey did pay us, he would probably want his money back given our assessment of the farce the District 36 appointment process devolved into was critical of Hershey.
As to “all indicators” pointing to Red Maryland being paid by the Democrats—that says more about the addled brain of the anonymous writer than it does about us. 
This is stunt is so juvenile that it’s beneath a high school student council election.
Whoever wrote this was drunker than Otis Campbell at the time, or is so inept at using the English language they need to purchase a copy of Hooked on Phonics.

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