Lollar Webmaster Behind Anonymous MD Watch Smear Site

Over the past several weeks, Red Maryland has been the subject of ludicrous attacks by an anonymous smear site called MD Watch. 
The site has accused us of being paid by Senator Steve Hershey to “disrupt, usurp, and cause planned chaos” in the process to select a replacement for E.J. Pipkin’s District 36 Senate seat—all the while being paid by the Maryland Democratic party.
Now we have developed information that has identified who is behind this juvenile blog, and the puerile content it peddles. 
It is none other than Matthew Adams, the Secretary of the Somerset Republican County Central Committee, president of the Somerset Republican Club, and the official registrant for Republican gubernatorial candidate, Charles Lollar’s, campaign staff web portal. 

The website is registered through Adam’s company Go DelMarva LLC.
In a MD Watch post the day after the Change Maryland Harvest Party, the no longer anonymous smear merchants wrote bragged about managing to “troll” their way into the event.  The post says

There is audible wailing among the old elephant club at the MDGOP convention in Annapolis tonight. 

We managed to troll our way into Change MD/ Larry Hogan’s $100 a person suite party tonight, where so many were waiting with baited breath for the old tired Ehrlich staffersto reemerge and proclaim their candidacy for the MD gubernatorial race… It turns out all the political ploy by Larry Hogan was just a bait and switch effort to raise money to fund his old debt.

The post featured this picture of Larry Hogan speaking to the audience.
However, Adams shouldn’t have been so hasty to brag about sneaking in to the party.
Red Maryland has obtained reverse angle photos of the event indicating Adams took the photo of Hogan used in the MD Watch post.
This photo shows Adams in the crowd, in the spot where the MD Watch photo was taken.

Adams was also not smart enough to realize that he trolled his way into the party wearing a Lollar campaign sticker, and his central committee badge.

This evidence also indicates Adams took the unflattering photo of Red Maryland Network, which was published in the same post.  We have confirmed he was in the room at the same time the photo was taken.  MD Watch has engaged in personal attacks against Jackie about her weight, and tried to make a mountain out a molehill over a speeding ticket she received.
Adams also provides no poof of Larry Hogan’s “old debt.”  According to the last campaign finance report filed by Hogan’s now closed account showed a loan balance of zero.
As I write this, MD Watch published another post attacking 6th Congressional candidate Dan Bongino’s wife, for alleged “sloppy” website errors.  The post, written by someone with website design experience, points to Adams as the author.  Of course Adams may be a little sensitive on the subject of campaign websites given the criticism of the Lollar campaign for its website being down for over a week.
This is the second person associated with the Lollar campaign to attack another Republican.  Earlier this month, Lollar’s Eastern Shore Coordinator, Julie Brewington, launched a bizarre attack against Hogan, Bongino, and Brian Murphy—who isn’t even running for office.  Brewington also aped the same talking points Adams does in trying to downplay what was clearly a successful event for Hogan and Change Maryland. 
It appears the Lollar camp—through Brewington and Adams’ anonymous smear site—is trying leave the impression that Hogan’s event bombed and that his intentions are unclear, when in fact the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post both reported that Hogan’s intentions are crystal clear: he is running and he left no doubt about when he spoke to supporters Friday night. 
Charles Lollar, who did not attend the Friday convention events, was in Arizona attending the Republican Governor’s Association meeting, as was fellow candidate Harford County Executive, David Craig.

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