Lollar Campaign Coordinator Offends Developmentally Disabled Community

If Republican gubernatorial candidate, Charles Lollar, were to win the election next year, and assume the governorship, one of his duties will be to fix the troubled Developmental Disabilities Administration.
Over the last several years DDA has been the subject several negative audits showing massive financial mismanagement. 
After the General Assembly approved applying the state sales tax to alcohol, to fund what was labeled by activists and state officials as an underfunded agency with thousands on a waiting list for services, it was revealed that the DDA left $38 million in unspent funds in fiscal year 2010. 
An audit by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that the state agency owes the federal government $21 million because it overbilled Medicaid.
A recent lawsuit file by DDA’s former chief financial officer alleges her superiors ordered her to cover up the unspent funds after she alerted them to the problem.
This is what a hypothetical Lollar administration would face upon taking office.
The developmentally disabled community might not be so sanguine about a Governor Lollar’s commitment to fix the problem given his Eastern Shore coordinator, Julie Brewington took to Twitter Thursday night and used the offensive word “retards.”

The Facebook page, Adventures in Extreme Parenting, run by the mother of two autistic boys in Owings Mills, called out Brewington for her ugly comments.

Apparently un-phased by her actions and unaware the come with consequences, Brewington took to her blog and wrote

Greg Kline’s staff spent hours trying to harassment on Twitter last night. I used the word “retard” and the word police came after me and they sicked some child advocacy group on me to further smear Lollar. Apparently, these folks think Brian Griffith [sic] is a child that has “mental challenges”: for there is no other explanation for this type of response.

Red Maryland has no “staff,” that would imply we are paid—a false claim Brewington hurled earlier this week—and none of us are under the orders of Greg Kline.  We did not “sick” any child advocacy group on Mrs. Brewington.  They merely responded to her vile tweets.  

At some point Charles Lollar has to realize that he has surrounded himself with people who ill serve him.  

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