Is Lollar Campaign Attacking Dan Bongino, Brian Murphy, and Larry Hogan?

Last night, Julie Brewington, a Salisbury blogger and Eastern Shore coordinator for the Charles Lollar campaign posted this curious piece to her blog speculating about what former gubernatorial Brian Murphy’s political future.

The piece contained this picture–linked to, which is the official portal for Lollar campaign staff.

What significance this picture has is unclear, but the fact that it links back to the Lollar campaign raises serious questions.  Was this oblique swipe at Murphy, on Brewington’s blog  sanctioned by the Lollar campaign?  If not, then Brewington has some splainin to do to her boss Charles Lollar.  If yes, why would the campaign attack a fellow Republican who is not an active candidate for any office?

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Then there was Brewington’s scurrilous attacks on congressional candidate Dan Bongino, and Change Maryland’s Larry Hogan both on her blog and on Twitter.

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