Does Charles Lollar endorse the Gutter Politics of his Staff?

Instead of tying to make their campaign more organized and professionally run, Charles Lollar campaign supporters have instead focused to continue attacking conservatives who point on flaws in the campaign.

Earlier this week Julie Brewington launched a semi-coherent rant against myself, Jackie Wellfonder, and Jeff Quinton for having the temerity to use facts and logic to point out flaws within the Lollar campaign. Brewington is the “Eastern Shore Coordinator” for the Lollar campaign. You may remember that Brewington in the past has accused me of having a mental disorder:

On Halloween, this was followed up by Karen Winterling, the campaign manager for Charles Lollar, reposting the story on her Facebook page, continuing to attack the three of us. This also features Maryland Society of Patriots founder Sam Hale attacking Red Maryland as “progressive posers”

(What’s funny about Hale of course is that Red Maryland having been “a group of progressive posers” didn’t stop Hale from being a guest on Red Maryland Radio before.)

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To be fair, if I was making the kind of incompetent campaign decisions that Lollar’s campaign staff has been making, I’d want to change the subject too, as has been documented on Red Maryland, the Quinton Report, and the Baltimore Sun.

Given the relentlessness of these attacks on conservative activists and their originating from high-ranking officials within the Lollar campaign, I am left with no choice but to believe that these attacks are being personally authorized by Charles Lollar himself.

Charles Lollar’s gubernatorial campaign could be doing a lot of good here in the state of Maryland. Instead, his campaign is engaging in the Alinsky-like gutter politics we expect of the left. If Maryland is going to elect a Republican governor, this isn’t the new way forward we need to achieve that dream….

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