Anthony Brown’s Substandard Answers

To say Obamacare has had a rough rollout in Maryland (and the nation) is an understatement. 
An opening day stumble with glitches and an inoperable website, higher premium costs despite promises that Obamacare would lower costs, delay of the debut of the small business exchange, and now 73,000 Marylanders received cancellation letters from their insurance carrier notifying them that their plans will be terminated because they are not Obamacare compliant.
If you like your plan you can keep it and all that.
I seem to remember warning a certain metropolitan daily’s editorial board that this would happen.  But I digress
The face of Obamacare in Maryland is gubernatorial candidate and current Lt. Governor, Anthony Brown.  Brown led the implementation of Obamacare in Maryland. He was the point man.
Last Thursday, WBAL TV reporter Jayne Miller questioned Brown on whether or not he knew the cancellations were coming.

He knew the cancellations were coming but didn’t want to speak for the President.  I’m sure that comforts the folks who have to now search for higher cost health insurance now that they can no longer keep the plan they have.  That’s the kind of truthiness I want in my next governor!
Let’s just say Brown’s answer was—to borrow his own term—substandard.
Then on WBAL’s Weekend Q&A Brown gave another substandard answer to Lisa Robinson’s question about the cancellations.  According to Brown, the letters 73,000 Marylanders received from their health insurance carriers informing them their policies would be cancelled, are not cancellation letters–they are renewal notices. 

He says “you can renew your plan today, well into 2014, but in 2014 you won’t be able renew your current plan.”  Wait what? 
Or as The Daily Record’s Bryan Sears wrote, “Those are not the cancellation notices you’re looking for.”  
I guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised at Brown’s gall to call cancellation notices “renewals.”  After all he’s spent the last seven years as an understudy to this guy:

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