A Missed Opportunity

This past weekend’s Maryland Republican Party convention was dominated by Larry Hogan’s announcement of his intention to run for Governor of Maryland. Lost in the excitement, the assembled central committee members from around the state debated a non-binding resolution calling on the MDGOP to withdraw its support for elected officials who have been “convicted and incarcerated”.
In an era where so many voters view all politicians as corrupt and often eschew associating with any political party, there is a great opportunity for a political party to set itself apart by demanding a basic standard of conduct from those who hold the public trust. Maryland is a state with a one-party machine and a rich history of every type of political corruption from Tiffany Alston to Sheila Dixon to Jack Johnson to Tommy Bromwell to Larry Young, well you get the idea. Voters here are desperate for some political party to put integrity, basic honesty and decency over partisan advantage or the maintenance of raw political power.
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