The Trap

Nobody can accuse this being the O’Malley Administration’s first rodeo through the political ringer. The O’Malley organization has twice elected their champion to the Baltimore City Council, twice as Mayor of Baltimore, twice as Governor of Maryland, and have been using all of the trappings of the office of Governor and the State of Maryland to to prop up O’Malley’s nascent chances at the Democratic Nomination for President in 2016.

To put it bluntly, these guys have been there before.
That makes the events that have unfolded as it relates to Martin O’Malley’s Superintendent of State Police and Executive Protection detail vis-à-vis Attorney General Doug Gansler a case study in how Martin O’Malley and company can use the trappings of state government in order to enact political revenge against their opponents; a situation in which Doug Gansler unwittingly wandered into a trap set precisely for this purpose.

Click here to take a look at the documents as obtained by WBAL TV.

Just look at the chain of event over the last couple of weeks of the campaign;
  1. Gansler formally launches his campaign for Governor;
  2. Gansler begins a blistering attack against the O’Malley-Brown Administration’s poor record on taxes, job creation, and business climate;
  3. Gansler announces he will be announcing his nominee for Lt. Governor;
  4. With Gansler’s announcement set, the O’Malley-Brown machine springs the story about Gansler and his issues with his Executive Protection detail to the media, allowing the media to bludgeon Gansler with the story leading up to his announcement.
  5. Gansler announces Jolene Ivey as his running mate, but the announcement gets crowded out by Gansler and Ivey refusing to speak to reporters who are insistent on getting a quote on the Executive Protection story;
  6. Gansler unloads on Lt. Charles Ardolini head of the Executive Protection Detail, as a “henchman” for the Administration and accuses the Brown campaign of “waging a dirty campaign.”
  7. And that gave the State Police itself the chance to unload on Gansler by saying his comments were baseless and inappropriate
I would hope that Gansler realizes by this point that he fell into a trap that was set for him by the O’Malley-Brown team. O’Malley’s political team understood that the Governor faced potential damage to his Presidential campaign by Gansler’s repeated (and accurate) critique of O’Malley’s record on jobs and taxes, so they found a convenient opportunity to derail the momentum of Gansler’s announcement of running mate and simultaneously played off of the Gansler’s propensity to speak extemporaneously. And Gansler played right into the trap that they set for him.
Gansler has the opportunity to learn from this and to regain the momentum for his campaign, but he has to realize from here on out that he’s running a real campaign against real professionals for the next eight months….

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