O’Malley loses 26,000 Jobs, Issues Proclamation

What do you do when your handpicked successor skips out on a manufacturing forum, highlighting the fact that the state you govern lost 26,000 manufacturing jobs since you took office? 
Why issue a proclamation of course!  
Because dusting off those advisory committees and kick starting those ad campaigns featuring politically favored businesses will turn this around:

Change Maryland chairman Larry Hogan, called the proclamation an “insult to the thousands of middle-class workers and their families who have struggled to find employment and make ends meet because of the O’Malley-Brown administrations misguided policies.” 
Contrast the 26,000 manufacturing jobs lost since O’Malley’s inaugural with an increase of 34,000 government jobsover that same period, and you’ll see Maryland doesn’t have business climate so much as it has a government climate.  

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