Leadership changes, 2014, Poll

As I have posted and commented here before, in 2010 the Maryland and Prince George’s County Republican Parties effectively abandoned most of Prince George’s County to the Democrats. In my area, there were no Republican candidates for state senator, delegate, county executive, county council, sheriff, states attorney, etc.

Republicans who are primarily interested in local affairs had little reason to bother going to the polls.

My correspondence earlier this year with the current state chair, and the recent Washington Post story on the appointment of a new executive director, suggest that 2014 will be a repeat of 2010, with the Republican establishment again abandoning most or all of Prince George’s County.

One of the questions in the current Red Maryland poll is “Should independent or unaffiliated voters be allowed to vote in Republican primary elections?”

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Perhaps a better, or additional question should be something like “Should the Republican Party endorse the most conservative Democratic candidate in races the GOP refuses (or chooses not to) contest?

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