Higher Costs + Incompetence = Obamacare in Maryland

Marylanders seeking health insurance on the state run Obamacare exchange—Maryland Health Connection—could see as much as a 13 percent increase in premiums. 

The Heritage Foundation crunched pre Obamacare insurance data for all 50 states and compared them to premiums offered on the federal and state run Obamacare exchanges.   The table below shows the average one-month premium in the non-group market and Obamacare exchanges.
In Maryland, an adult age 27 will see a 10 percent increase, and 50 year old will see 13 percent hike, and insurance for a family of four will go up from $593 a month to $614, a 3.4 percent increase.
The premium increases in Maryland are lower compared to the rest of the nation. However, many of the low cost plans come with extremely high deductibles.  For example the bronze level plan has premiums as low as $94 but it comes with a $6,000 deductible.  Deductibles in the silver plan are lower about $1,300 but still hefty sum. 

Those facing higher premiums and deductibles will be some of the13,000 Marylanders ,who lost their health insurance, because their carrier, Aetna, won’t be offering plans on the exchange because state officials would not allow the company to charge enough in premiums to recovers the costs of their plans.

Along with higher premiums and deductibles, the Maryland Health Connection’s debut has been less than spectacular.  Officials say 16,000 people have submitted applications, but only 1,120 have enrolled in an insurance plan.  Glitches plagued  the opening week of the site.  Officials delayed for hours the opening of the web-based exchange because users could not access the site. 

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Lt. Governor Anthony Brown,, led the state’s efforts to implement Obamacare and told the Baltimore Sun that the state “stumbled out of the gate.” 
Brown, a Democrat, is seeking to replace current term limited Governor, Martin O’Malley.  O’Malley promised that Maryland would “lead the nation” in implementing Obamacare.  

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