Conservative Victory PAC’s continuing surrender: My Open letter to Chuck Floyd

Maryland’s Conservative Victory PAC is back at it. As we reported in August, the PAC is focusing a lot of attention on contributing volunteers and financial resources to Ken Cuccinelli’s gubernatorial campaign in Virginia instead of helping out candidates in Maryland.

Once again, the PAC has doubled-down and is focusing on the Virginia gubernatorial campaign instead of focusing on Maryland by continuing to heavily promote an upcoming event in Virginia benefiting the Cuccinelli campaign instead of Maryland.

I’ve sent an open letter via email to CVPAC President Chuck Floyd urging him to change tactics. The text of the email is below….

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Did you Give up on Maryland?

From: Brian Griffiths Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 5:41 PM

October 1, 2013

Chuck Floyd
Conservative Victory PAC
5268-G Nicholas Lane
Suite 320
Kensington, MD 20895
Dear Chuck,
I saw with great interest your CVPAC eVictory Newsletter that came out yesterday. Once again, I was sadly disappointed to note that the focus of your newsletter was not here in Maryland, but on the Governor’s race in Virginia.
Have you and CVPAC completely abandoned trying to win elections here in Maryland?
I’ve reviewed CVPAC’s Issue Advocacy page. It lists a lot of great conservative principles, many of which I believe should be enacted as soon as possible here in the state of Maryland. And that last part is the key: in Maryland.
How will these issues be advanced in Maryland if your organization is focusing its time, talent, and treasure in Virginia?
Is Virginia an important election for the Republican Party and the conservative movement? Yes. However, it is also the election that is going to get the most attention, the most volunteers, and the most money of any race in the country in 2013. Virginia is going to be the battleground to end all battlegrounds for this election cycle.
Meanwhile, here at home, we have two very important elections that are coming up, both five weeks from today. The citizens of Annapolis and Frederick will be casting important votes in their municipal races. We have a realistic chance to elect a young aggressive conservative, Mike Pantelides, as Mayor of Annapolis. We have a realistic chance to re-elect our Republican Mayor of Frederick, Randy McClement, and to elect a Republican Majority to the Frederick City Board of Aldermen. We can win these important local races.
However, I haven’t seen any emails from CVPAC regarding these races, or any mention of the Annapolis or Frederick elections in your eVictory newsletter.
Why is the Virginia Governor’s race more important to a Maryland based organization than two local races with an opportunity to elect solid conservative candidates and help build our farm team?
When CVPAC formed I was very excited that such a group would exist to help conservative candidates here in Maryland. You can imagine my disappointment and the disappointment of so many others, that its focus has been diverted to other out of state matters.
In your latest eVictory, you encourage your subscribers to “Contribute, Participate, Advocate.” There is still time to help the candidates in Annapolis and the candidates in Frederick. There is still time to to refocus your 2013 efforts on winning elections here in Maryland, where it belongs. The races in Annapolis and Frederick give us the opportunity to walk doors, make phone calls, and talk to voters in two critically important areas in which Republicans need to do well in order to have a chance to win statewide in 2014, and it provides us with an avenue to expand our donor lists, recruit volunteers, and groom future candidates for office. We can’t do that if financial and human capital is being redirected to the other side of the Potomac.
We have a tremendous opportunity in five weeks to help elect conservatives and to build momentum leading up to the 2014 General Election. I encourage you to refocus your efforts on where it can do the most good for the cause of conservatism in Maryland.
Brian Griffiths

Co-Founder and Contributing Editor, Red Maryland
Chairman, Maryland Young Republicans
Chairman, YRNF Strategic Planning Committee

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