Anthony Brown Playing in the Dirt

Anthony Brown’s campaign manager, Justin Schall, has quite a history, and it isn’t pretty.   
Maryland political insiders know Schall hopped over to Brown after running John Delany’s successful campaign to win Maryland’s gerrymandered sixth district. 
However, Schall’s track record is pretty shady.
In 2006, Schall managed the losing campaign of Cindy Chavez, who was running for mayor of San Jose, CA.  Here’s what the website MetroActive reported that election night.

We love election night parties. The exuberance, the fatalism, the cheese cubes. We even enjoyed getting tossed out of the Holiday Inn’s Mediterranean Room banquet hall by a man who claimed to be Cindy Chavez‘s campaign manager, Justin Schall. “This is a private party,” he explained with postal rage. (Was it something we wrote?) When we returned and sidled up to our attractive blonde armed bodyguard, a well-known elected law enforcement official, the hothead relented but threatened, “You and me are going to have a lot of fun in this town for a long time.” This may go down as one of the only cases in local election history that a working member of the local press was unceremoniously plucked from a media event filled with TV cameras because the publication failed to write nice things about a campaign that refused to talk.

Hostility to a certain media that fails to write nice things about a campaign that won’t talk to said media.  
If that sounds familiar to you, you’d be right.  That’s the same treatment the Brown campaign, under young master Schall, gave to Baltimore-based blogger Hassan Giordano. 

Disturbed by the friendly content being given to their chief rival in the upcoming Maryland democratic primary for Governor, Attorney General Doug Gansler; a senior member of the Brown campaign reached out to DMVDaily to express their dismay in what they described as ‘slanted coverage that didn’t warrant the title of true journalism’.

Yet, when the citizen journalism site expressed their sincere attempt at providing the same coverage for their candidate, they were rebuffed our attempt with the firm statement that “the Brown campaign doesn’t acknowledge or respond to bloggers”.

Schall’s history of douchebaggery doesn’t end there. 
Schall was one of the mental giants behind a local San Jose sleaze site called San Jose Revealed.   Funded by a labor union, Schall and his partners, which included the husband of his former boss, Cindy Chavez, dished out all manner of personal attacks and invaded the privacy of its targets.

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When one frequent victim of San Jose Revealed’s particularly vicious attacks asked Chavez for help in removing a map to his residence that had been posted to the site, Chavez asked a number of questions about San Jose Inside’s ownership structure. The information shared with Chavez appeared on San Jose Revealed a few days later, in the June 9, 2008 post “Who Owns San Jose Inside?” 

After the map was published by Revealed, the home’s owner, falsely accused of making money through pornography, became the victim of a hate crime that involved property destruction and swastika graffiti. 

It wasn’t the first time San Jose Revealed turned politics personal. The site published a map to deputy district attorney David Pandori’s home. (Pandori has a family and prosecutes gangs for a living.) It made an issue out of McEnery’s daughter’s late payment of a garbage bill. And in 2007 it breathlessly posted the dating profile of District 6 councilman Pierluigi Oliverio.

It should be noted, none of this information made it into the mainstream press reporting on the Brown campaign’s hiring of Schall. 
Schall was also a member of Howard Dean’s 2004 advance team in Iowa.  Perhaps he was the guy who told Dean “why don’t you give the crowd a good scream.”
Schall would eventually go on to work for Democratic Rep Eric “tickle fight” Massa, which is ironic given Anthony Brown’s record on Jessica’s Law, and Democrat Steve Israel’s aborted run for the U.S. Senate.
Former Democratic Governor of New York, David Patterson snubbed Schall, when he sought reelection in 2010.
Even the blind guy saw that Schall was bad news. 
However, as evidenced by the series damaging leaks about his primary challenger, Attorney General Doug Gansler, seeded in the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun by the O’Malley-Brown machine, the execrable Justin Schall was exactly the type of hit man Anthony Brown was looking for. 

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