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Hershey Lobbying Local Governments For Senate Vacancy Endorsements

Delegate Steve Hershey is lobbying elected officials of the local government’s in the 36th District asking them to send letters of support to Governor O’Malley.

Red Maryland has obtained a  FAX, sent on official General Assembly letterhead, from Delegate Steve Hershey’s office to the members of the Cecil County Council seeking their endorsement of his appointment to the State Senate seat vacated by E.J. Pipkin last month.

Hershey writes

In an effort to assist the Governor in his selection, I am seeking the endorsement of the governing bodies in each of the counties within the 36th District along with several local municipalities. This can be accomplished through a letter of support addressed to the Governor and sent or emailed to the Appointments Secretary.

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State law mandates that the party central committees of the counties where the vacancy exists submit a name to the Governor to fill out the vacancy. The 36th District encompasses four counties, which are split between Hershey and his House colleague, Del. Mike Smigiel from Cecil County. The Caroline and Kent County central committees selected Hershey, while Cecil and Queen Anne’s went with Smigiel.

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