Bus Blues

Charles Lollar kicked off his campaign for Governor today by starting a bus tour across Maryland, but that bus has been a source of consternation for the campaign so far.

On Friday the campaign sent out an email detailing the kickoff tour itinerary with a mock-up picture of the campaign bus. The bus though had one slight error…..

As you will note “Achieve” is misspelled twice on this mock-up. The campaign was quick to acknowledge it and did send out an updated email with an updated mock-up.

@BrianGriffiths The error was caught here’s the correct one. http://t.co/4z6tnxSKRO
— Charles Lollar (@Charles_Lollar) August 30, 2013

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Today, with the bus tour in full swing, something else about the bus was brought to my attention:

While Lollar is running for Governor of Maryland, the campaign patronized a Delaware business to rent a bus.

While both of these things are small in context, they certainly do hearken back to something that Greg wrote in June after our blogger sit down with the Lollar team:

“…raises doubts in my mind that Mr. Lollar and his many loyal and hard working supporters really have an adequate understanding of the intricacies of running a statewide electoral campaign.  While Mr. Lollar is an intriguing candidate, I have to report my candid opinion that he does not seem ready to be a serious contender for the Office of Governor of Maryland.”

We’ll see where this campaign goes from here.

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