Red Maryland Endorsements: Frederick City Elections

One of the events that we have talked about extensively, both in the written word here on the blog as well as on the shows of the Red Maryland Network has been the importance of local elections that are taking place in two of our larger cities this year,  Annapolis and Frederick. We have documented at some length the situation in Annapolis, but the situation in Frederick has been extremely inspiring and gives us great optimism for the future of the party in the city and in Frederick County.

This year, Frederick is fortunate that there are three candidates running for Mayor as well as seven candidates running for five spots on the Board of Alderman.

Mayor: Incumbent Mayor Randy McClement is being challenged in the primary but his predecessor, Jeff Holtzinger, as well as current Alderman Shelley Aoli. We are confident that whoever wins this primary will mount a strong bid to keep the seat in Republican hands; however Red Maryland will not endorse any of the candidates in the Republican primary.

Alderman: As we mentioned, there are seven Republicans running in the primary for five spots on the general election ballot. It has been refreshing to see so many active, competent, and credible candidates who are seeking these positions on the Board of Alderman. Often, city council-type positions in smaller cities do not necessarily attract the caliber of candidates that are currently running in this primary. Even more heartening is the fact that a majority of the candidates are Young Republicans (many affiliated with the Western Maryland Young Republican club) in a party that often eschews younger candidates for “experienced” war horses.

One of the most important things that contributes to potential success in Frederick is the idea of planning and preparation that was put in place by the Republican Club of Frederick County and the candidates. As Dave Schmidt told Greg Kline on the July 10th episode of Red Maryland Election Focus there is a focus on data, on a permanent campaign, and what is called “insert your name” politics in order to build a perpetual conservative organization, something that is virtually nonexistent anywhere else in the Maryland Republican Party.

While we believe that any combination of the candidates will form an effective opposition and provide us with an opportunity to control the Board of Alderman, we do believe that five candidates in particular will make the best team for Republicans both in the general election and on the Board of Alderman. This team embodies many of the qualities that we seek in candidates and leaders here in Red Maryland:

  • A fiscally responsible, small-government approach to leadership;
  • Personal responsibility;
  • Responsible political organizing and preparation, including knocking on doors;
  • Outreach to younger voters;
  • Grassroots Activism and a focus on direct voter contact
  • Embracing new ideas and new strategies, including working effectively with the new media

With that in mind, Red Maryland is proud to endorse the following candidates for Frederick Alderman:

The primary is in thirteen days, so you still have plenty of time to help these candidates out before the primary, and there will be plenty of time to help our Republican nominees between now and the General Election on November 5th.

You can also relive all of their appearances on Red Maryland Network programming:
Katie Nash will be appearing on this Saturday’s edition of Red Maryland Election Focus, only on the Red Maryland Network.

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