Is Pro-Smigiel Full Court Press Backfiring?

It’s always dangerous to go into full press mode over something about an appointment, but it seems like the full court press  in District 36 backfired.

A lot of this started from the full court press the Maryland Liberty PAC has undertaken, urging their members to call on their members to call and email members of the Caroline and Kent County Central Committees to voice their disapproval to the “establishment” pick, first of Audrey Scott, and now Steve Hershey. The Maryland Pro-Life Alliance (which also seems to share email lists, formatting, and web design with the Maryland Liberty PAC) also went into hyperbolic overdrive also attacking Hershey as well.

It seems like that outreach is not working out the way that they have wanted to do. Emails forwarded to me on the condition of anonymity have included the following responses from some Central Committee members in two counties:

Apparently, people were calling and emailing their Republican Committee representatives in Caroline and Kent counties. It is my understanding that these people represent the republicans in their respective counties. These are the responses that they were receiving… Thought you might like to know. 

I to have had the same calls and e-mails. I am tired of all of them. The pressure is from the Smigiel people. Just stop, you have soured my consideration on him. Antics like this gives the political process a bad name and ill will. I had somewhat supported Smigiel before, now I question his motives for power. Having someone call or e-mail me who I do not know or have met once will not influence my choice except to turn me off for good.  Just leave us alone.

Another message:
I am very frustrated with all of the solicitations I am receiving in regards to the vacancy, both by phone and by email. My fellow committee members may feel free to correct me if they have experienced something different than myself, but I would like to clarify that the only outside pressure I have received is from anti-Audrey and pro-Smigiel parties. Every email has stated or implied that the establishment has put pressure on us. The establishment has said NOTHING to us. I would appreciate it if everyone would keep their hypocritical comments to themselves. (Hypocritical because you are exerting outside pressure in response to different outside pressure that doesn’t even exist.) Thank you.

Take this for what it’s worth, but that seems to be the situation on the ground right now in District 36 and that Central Committee members are not taking kindly to these sort of tactics. 

Between the pressure being put on folks to select Audrey Scott, the involvement of the Andy Harris operation, and the series of machinations that the pro-Smigiel camp (including declaration of a decision without a vote following Audrey Scott’s withdrawal) has gone through to get this seat, nobody has distinguished themselves as particularly honorable during this selection process.

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