I’m the Messenger, Please Stop Shooting

In case you missed it, Andrew Langer and I were both quoted in this Baltimore Sun article today. And because I sit on the Executive Committee of the state party through my position as Chairman of the Young Republicans, apparently in the minds of some that means I signed away my First Amendment right to free speech.

 Matthew Adams (pictured left) is president of the Somerset Republican Club. You may remember him from us discussing his juvenile antics at a club meeting in Salisbury when I was at a meeting in support of Greg Kline’s bid for Chairman. Well apparently in his mind, because I am a member of the Executive Committee I shouldn’t get the opportunity to speak my mind to the Baltimore Sun, a though that he expressed on the Wicomico Society of Patriots Facebook page.

(Julie Brewington, former candidate of the House of Delegates, seems to think I have am mental disorder too. Which is hilarious)

Adams seems to think that speaking candidly about our party makes me an “opportunist.” No, it makes me and those like me realists who understand that the party has had a very bad week and it’s in a lot of trouble right now. Instead of trying to acknowledge those problems and instead of trying to work on fixing those problems, he’d rather call people names instead.

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Folks, this is not my first rodeo. I’ve been called worse things by better people than Matthew Adams. But facts are not dirty laundry; they’re facts. And until more people realize the situation that we are in, the more they will continue to belittle and marginalize those who do not disagree with an ostrich strategy. During this entire week, myself and other activists have been attacked for stating the obvious? Why? Who knows, because we’re not the ones who were pulled over to DWI, or to have walked out on the party in a huff, or are making a mockery of the District 36 Senate Selection process. But the fact that so many of the same cast of characters keep coming after me and my colleagues for saying what needs to be said

Go ahead and keep shooting the messengers. We’ll still be here.

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