Corporatism: The Governing Dynamic in Maryland

“A functional, market-based education system would properly recognize that its customers are students and that its products are various kinds of education, ranging from classical liberal arts studies to forms of specific occupational training. Being political institutions, the schools operate under the theory that their customer is the State—or “society” at large—and that their product is a national workforce, tailored to meet national needs—which is to say, political needs.”

 Kevin D. Williamson. “The End Is Near and It’s Going to Be Awesome.

 In Maryland our schools are very much indeed political institutions, serving the interests of the state, not the students or the taxpayers that fund them.  Business and government working together to advance the interest of the state–at the expense of the individual– is called corporatism.  

The corporatist state is exactly what Governor O’Malley means when he talks about “One Maryland.”

We should all thank Center Maryland and it’s KO Public Affairs founders for this crystal clear example of how corporatism is the governing dynamic in Maryland. 

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