Wimbledon Crush

–Richard E. Vatz
     It is possible that among the Red Maryland writers there is expertise in every topic known to humankind.
     My little known specialty is tennis…I have played at a high level for my age throughout my life.  All I lack is humility.
     Andy Murray won yesterday on guts, unexpected to be sure for a Brit.
     Novak Djokovic — where was the Djokovic with unparalleled guts?  Drop shots are for wimps.  I know; they are my specialty within my specialty.
     More important, they don’t work consistently at the top level.  If you don’t have the guts to win, don’t enter the tournament.
    Give me a break.
     Congratulations, Andy Murray…it won’t be another 77 years.

Professor Vatz teaches rhetoric at Towson University

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