KKT 2.0?

One of the many reasons that former Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend wasn’t elected Governor of Maryland in 2002 was her seemingly uncanny ability to say things in public that made her sound like she was clueless. Example:

After the game, over on WBAL, Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend was asked for her favorite play.

“I loved it when we made that football,” she said. “The Giants had just made a football, and we came right back.” 

We may have ourselves a contender for Kathleen Kennedy Townsend version 2.0 based on this exchange between Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and Baltimore Sun reporter Erin Cox:

Q: What technology would have helped prevent or stem the recent wave of violence here in Baltimore? 

“Communications is important, right? Communications certainly from law enforcement, but communications is very important as well for those who are breaking laws and committing crimes. And the technologies that we can use to interrupt communications and organizations, that’s an example of technologies that certainly we ought to be looking at more opportunities to use those. The technology that we have available to us.”

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Q: Do you mean like jamming the cell phones of drug dealers? Or what are you … 

A: “Technologies. Technologies. The use of technologies. And some of them, the truth of the matter is, we’re not sharing that information publicly because you know what? One of the things that we notice is that the bad guys often get a jump, and an unfair disadvantage as they wreak havoc on citizens. So we’re not going to necessarily reveal what technologies we have. But better use of technologies.”

The Democrats currently have the advantage of other candidates running in their primary, most of which who seem to have a better ability to string thoughts together than Brown displayed here today.

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