A Point to Ponder

This story flew completely under the radar (for patently obvious reasons) but Brian Vaeth dropped out of the Governor’s race 13 days ago and endorsed Charles Lollar. Hat tip to Dennis McIver and Matt Newman for finding this up:

Now off to a point that Greg Kline reminded us of this morning….
If you remember Greg and I were among the bloggers invited to a June 24th roundtable with the Draft Lollar for Governor campaign. As you overheard, both Greg and I were invited to sit in on the end of draft committee strategy session that preceded the round table. One of the names that had come up during the roundtable was Brian Vaeth and how Lollar had talked to him about how much of a good guy he was and how Vaeth was going to come on board. So during the blogger roundtable portion, I asked the question point blank. Feel free to go back to the raw tape and listen at about the 43:52 mark in the audio. Here is the transcript version:

Griffiths: You were talking earlier, and this was obviously at the tail end of your meeting, talking about Brian Vaeth and he had been running for Governor, and it sounds like you were talking with him about some sort of a role in your campaign?
Lollar: No, I….
Griffiths: He had filed for Governor…
Lollar: With a Lt. Governor I believe.
Griffiths: Yeah him and Shorty Davis were running.
Lazerick: Has he withdrawn now?
Griffiths: I don’t know

Lollar: As far as I know he is still a candidate for Governor. I had a chance to sit down and talk with him, but I’ve also had a chance to sit down and talk with David, and sit down and talk with Blaine, I’ve sat down and talked with Michael, um,  I make it my business to sit down with anyone and every one that wants to sit down and talk about the future of Maryland. 

Take all of this for what it’s worth.

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