Red Maryland Radio: 6/6/2013

Another big episode of Red Maryland Radio  came at you tonight on the Red Maryland Network.

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On tonight’s show:

  • Anne Arundel County Councilman John Grasso joined us to discuss his vote for the rain tax as well as the recent adoption of the Anne Arundel County budget. You will not want to miss Councilman Grasso’s candid take on the county budget, property tax rates, and the size of county government. Must listen;
  • This week the Governor’s race entered full swing, with Greg recapping the Craig campaign kickoff and me recapping the George campaign kickoff; we discuss this week’s events
  • Did you know Mitt Romney had a blueprint for his administration? Neither did anybody else. We’ll discuss why this plan could have saved his campaign;
  • The CRNC released a report on reaching young voters and I for one am pretty angry that the Young Republican National Federation has frittered away an opportunity to say something relevant;
  • And in “God Stuff” some progressive wrote a ridiculous and idiotic piece saying Christian Republicans weren’t Christians. Seriously.
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