MTA Is Watching You

Reason.TV has a new video on the Maryland Transit Authority’s video and audio surveillance of MTA busses.  The video features Senator Jim Brochin (D-Balitmore County) and Delegate Melvin Stukes (D-Baltimore City).  In this past legislative session, Brochin filed a bill to halt the Maryland Transit Administration from recording conversations on MTA busses.  MTA began the audio surveillance in October 2012.  Stukes led the opposition to Brochin’s bill, which ultimately failed,  by one vote. 

We are also reminded that Maryland’s wiretapping laws, which allow the state to record MTA bus conversations, forbids its citizens to record law enforcement. 
The video raises important questions for Marylanders to think about in terms of balancing privacy and security. And, more troubling, as Brochin says in the video, government agencies are deciding the balance point, not citizens.

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