Martin O’Malley: Is It Bullshit Or Not?

Our friend Doug Gill has a brilliant piece at Watchdog Wire Maryland on Governor O’Malley’s masterful bullshitting.

In his 2005 award-winning book, “Bullsh*t”, author Harry Frankfurt made the case that those who spread bovine excrement do so – especially the successful spreaders – because they are not concerned about whether or not anything they say is true.
  Frankfurt, a philosopher, concludes that excessive indulgence in bull shoveling undermines the BS-ers ability to tell the truth in a way that lying does not. Liars, he writes, at least acknowledge that it matters what is true.

When Gov. O’Malley speaks – as in his remarks to the think tank gathering – facts never seem to matter.

The governor likes to claim that he has presided over billions of dollars in spending cuts while reality finds the state budget has grown by 30-percent during his tenure.

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A blatant lie or just plain bull cookies?

Doug poses an interesting question.
Thanks to data from the Department of Legislative services, Maryland’s budget has ballooned by at least 25 percent or close to $9 billion since he took office.
So is O’Malley lying or bullshitting with that claim. 
See for yourself in this video when a reporter asked O’Malley about the discrepancy between the actual data and his claims during a 2012 press conference. 

Was O’Malley lying or bullshitting there?
Not sure?
Well thanks to our friends over at Frontline State we have another video of O’Malley lapping up Center for American Progress President, John Podesta’s praise for his “bold agenda for investment.” Investment is newspeak for spending.  
That O’Malley simultaneously claims laurels for record budget cutting and spending suggests he’s a master bullshit artist.
Then again this may not be a case of either lying or bullshitting.  Maybe O’Malley continues to make the false claim he cut the budget “more than any governor in Maryland history”, because—like George Costanza—he truly believes it. 

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