Good Riddance Kevin Maxwell

Today Anne Arundel County School Superintendent Kevin Maxwell surprised county Board of Education officials by announcing his resignation to take over as Superintendent in Prince George’s County.

All I can say is don’t let the door hit you on the backside on the way out.

Kevin Maxwell proved time and time again that he really only brought one unique set of skills to his job as Superintendent, which was being part of the education hype machine and whining about money and tax rates (well, and being a smartass). We have documented many a time about how Maxwell spent a majority of his time campaigning for more school spending and higher taxes on county citizens. Never mind the fact that Maxwell’s greatest hits include:

Maxwell’s shtick started wearing thin in all sectors five years ago, when people realized the Maxwell’s priorities lied not in educating kids in the classroom, but continuing to feed the beast of the educational bureaucracy. Over the time period he has been Superintendent we have seen little, if any progress made on increasing educational performance, no reduction in the maintenance backlog, and still presiding over a budget where 81% of the budget is spent solely on salaries and benefits.

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Prince George’s County is in need of strong leadership that can really tackle all of the challenges of a school system that needs improvement. Unfortunately for them, they got Kevin Maxwell instead. I feel truly sorry for the parents and students of Prince George’s County, who are now stuck with a new superintendent who is firmly entrenched on the side of those who are creating the problems with our schools instead of solving them.

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