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Martin O’Malley the $10 Billion Man

According to a new report from Change Maryland, come 2014, Marylanders will have paid $9.5 billion in new taxes and fees since Governor O’Malley took office in 2007.  By 2018 that number will soar to almost $20 billion.

Change Maryland, the fastest growing grass roots organization in the state, has been documenting and researching O’Malley’s record on taxes over the last year.
Since 2007, O’Malley has implemented 40 tax/fee increases.  
The largest of the tax increases 2007-2014 are:
2007 Special Session: Sales tax increase $3.6 billion
2007 Special Session: Income tax increase $981 million
2007 Special Session: Tobacco tax $2 per pack cigarettes $726 million
2007 Special Session: Corporate income tax increase $647 million
2012 Session: Storm water management fees “rain tax” $512 million
2012 Special Session: Income tax increase $339 million

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