VIDEO: Democratic Machine Pulls Fast One On Amendment to O’Malley Gun Bill

Thomas Locastro of The Maryland Minuteman captured this stunning video of proceedings of a joint meeting of the House Judiciary and Heath and Government Operations on Good Friday.

The committee appeared to have approved an amendment to Governor O’Malley’s gun bill, which would have addressed criminals who commit violent crimes using stolen firearms. The amendment, sponsored by Delegate Mike Smigiel (R-Cecil County) called for mandatory minimum sentences and the elimination of dimunition credits for good behavior.
However, that was not the result Joseph Vallario, chairman of the Judiciary Committee wanted, and he called for a revote claiming there was “a wrong count.”  Over the objections of Smigiel and others, Vallario held the revote and got the desired vote he wanted and Smigiel’s amendment was killed.  See scratched out committee vote below.
Vallario, a trial lawyer, has a history of using his position and his committee to advance and protectthe interests of trial lawyers.  Mandatory minimums are to many trial lawyers like sunlight to vampires.
The video confirms this Facebook posting by Del. Eric Bromwell (D Baltimore County) shortly after the vote.

Smigiel released this statement. “The tyranny of the majority is nothing new in Annapolis. What is new is citizens who are informed of their Constitutional rights and have fought against tyranny elsewhere in the world are now witnesses to it, first hand, in their own state capital, as their own government subverts the Constitution and the principles of freedom and liberty, in order to take away the Constitutional rights of it’s citizens.”

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