Putting Words in People’s Mouth

There’s just something about Interim Chair Diana Waterman’s surrogates and their inability to get their facts straight.

To wit: 

Set aside that she can’t even spell Greg Kline’s name correctly, and focus on Knickman’s claim that “there was a whole room of people who heard  Greg say he ‘saved the Ehrlich PSC.'” 

Aside: (See how easy it is to accurately quote someone with their own words Laura!)

Of course, if you go back to the video tape Greg never uttered the words “saved the Ehrlich PSC.”  See for yourself, Greg’s opening statement begins at the 7:19 mark.

Simply put Knickman is putting words in Greg’s mouth.

In fact, Greg’s opening statement is essentially the same story he told to the Baltimore County Central Committee last month.

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Not only did Knickman attribute to Greg words he never said, but she revealed how fundamentally ignorant she is of the ruthless Democratic power play during the the 2006 gubernatorial campaign. So let’s quickly revisit that history.

In late 2006 rate caps on utilities were set to expire and BG&E was set to implement a 72 percent rate hike.  The caps and the resulting rate hikes were part of a 1999 law that restructured the regulatory climate of Maryland’s electric utilities. The rate hikes quickly became issue a hot button issue in the gubernatorial campaign.  Ehrlich’s PSC approved a plan to help soften the blow of the increases on rate payers. However, O’Malley and the Democratic machine could not allow Ehrlich such a victory so close to the election. Hence the General Assembly led by Mike Miller and Mike Busch overstepped the boundaries of their power firing Ehrlich’s PSC.  Greg was part of then PSC Chairman Ken Schisler’s legal team that argued before Maryland’s highest court that only the Governor could fire PSC commissioners.  The Court of Appeals agreed with Greg that the legislature acted beyond the scope of their power.  In the end Ehrlich lost the election and Schisler resigned.  O’Malley’s own PSC approved the rate hikes anyway, without the cushion, Schisler had devised.

So is Knickman, the self described “advocate for business” and “utility executive” taking the side of the Miller-O’Malley-Busch Democratic machine? Does she think the O’Malley PSC that approved the BGE rate hikes, and the shakedown of Constellation Energy is more business or ratepayer friendly than Ehrlich’s PSC?

Knickman claims she’s just offering her “opinion” and “friendly campaign advice.”  Well let me offer Knickman some of advice I learned over several years of blogging, oped writing, and investigative reporting: get your damn facts straight before you go running your mouth!

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