O’Malley on Prison Scandal: “A Very Positive Achievement”

In a press conference today, Governor Martin O’Malley referred to the corruption scandal at the Baltimore City Detention Center involving correctional officers smuggling cell phones and other contraband into the facility to assist the Black Guerrilla Family gang’s criminal enterprise, as “a positive development.”

Governor Martin O’Malley says that he “shares the public revulsion” over a corruption case involving inmates and corrections officers at the Baltimore City Detention Center.However, he is casting the recently announced corruption case in a positive light by saying it represents a strong step toward fighting gang crime.

O’Malley described it Tuesday as “a very positive achievement” in the state’s fight to dismantle gangs.

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“It is because of the revulsion that all of us have towards violent murder gangs in our state, that I view these indictments as a very positive achievement, and a very positive development in our fight to dismantle gangs,” O’Malley said at a news conference Tuesday.

Yes, you heard that right. O’Mall’ey labeled the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services essentially ceding control of a major detention facility to a criminal gang “a very positive achievement.”
Did any of the reporters bother to ask O’Malley why his vaunted StateStat government performance program did not have any data on seized contraband for BCDC.
Listen to the WBAL audio and hear O’Malley in full turd polishing mode.

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