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Louis Pope’s Version of Events

The RNC Rules Committee membership debacle just won’t die, as now Maryland’s National Committeeman Louis Pope sent a three-page letter to Central Committee members describing his version of the story.

Now the absolute kicker: Louis Pope heavily implies that that reason that Alex Mooney selected Nicolee Ambrose in the first place is due to a “business deal” between Mooney and Virginia’s National Commiteeman Morton Blackwell, and that Nicolee’s selection was merely a favor to Blackwell. Morton Blackwell, of course, was one of the people at the very heart of the matter at the Republican National Convention regarding the Rules Committee controversy there. 
Pope also responds to an argument that nobody made; nobody, to my knowledge, has suggested that the replacement of Ambrose with Pope was illegal, but merely mismanaged and done so in a non-transparent manner. I will refer you to Greg Kline’s statement on this matter for his thoughts.
Read Pope’s letter and decide for yourself.

Updated, 11:47 PM: I’m hearing that not all Central Committee members actually received this letter. Which is interesting in and of itself….

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