Diana Waterman Served on Tampa Rules Committee That Screwed Grassroots

Diana Waterman’s removal of Nicolee Ambrose from the RNC Standing Committee on Rules has become THE flashpoint in the race for MDGOP chair.
The grassroots activist base of the party rightly sees the move as a thumb in their eye by the establishment.  Ambrose was working to undo the damage done by the establishment at the RNC Convention in Tampa, when Waterman removed her.
However, it turns out that Diana Waterman served on the very RNC Convention on Rules and Oder of Business, which disenfranchised grassroots delegates.  

Tie this in with Louis Pope’s self-serving letter explaining that RNC insiders wanted him to remain on the Standing Committee on Rules, and you’ve got an MDGOP leadership structure less concerned with party building and the business of changing Maryland, and more concerned about maintaining the status-quo.  

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