Busting Vinny DeMarco

I just appeared on The Marc Steiner Show on WEAA with noted professional lobbyist Vinny DeMarco on the topic of gun violence. The audio won’t be posted tomorrow, but here’s where DeMarco’s logic on supporting SB281 completely fell apart.

DeMarco argued that we must have fingerprint licensing in order to purchase weapons in Maryland in order to outlaw straw purchases. Set aside the illogical thought that fingerprint requirements will somehow stop a straw purchaser from purchasing a weapon illegally, I pointed out that outlawing straw purchases in Maryland assumes that straw purchases would not occur over state lines and that the flow of illegal guns in Maryland isn’t going to stop by passing this law. To that, DeMarco merely talked over me and pointed out that the fact that we can’t stop straw purchases across state lines proves that we need to ban straw purchases here.
Final analysis: Vinny DeMarco is a crappy lobbyist who could never make anything happen in a competitive state.

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