TARGET: Eric Leudtke

A national voter rights group is targeting Montgomery County Democrat, Delegate Eric Leudtke’s  assault on the right to petition, with a mailer.

Citizens in Charge, a national voters rights group is sending a targeted mailer to Leudtke’s district to educate his constituents about the assault on their rights. 

“House Bill 493 is misnamed ‘The Referendum Integrity Act.’ It should accurately be called ‘The Referendum Suppression Act,'” said Citizen’s in Charge president, Paul Jacob in a statement.

Luedtke’s bill ostensibly seeks to protect the integrity of the referendum process from fraud. However, in reality it severely restrict the rights of Maryland citizens to petition laws to referendum in the name of protecting. It is nothing more than a rank power grab by Maryland’s ruthless Democratic machine. 

“The confusing element to the Delegate’s bill is that it is not a response to unlawful activity or fraud in Maryland’s petition process – there has been none. This is an unconstitutional solution looking for a problem,” said Jacob in testimony on the bill.

Citizen’s in Charge said it would target other districts if the sponsors of  HB 493 persist. 

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